About me

I am new to Zentangles (December 2010) and I love, love, LOVE them!!! I never would have imagined that finding something like Zentangles would make such a difference in my life - but it has.  Now I tangle, have a blog, tweet (well sort of tweet), have a photostream on Flickr, have had a couple of tangles on Explore, and have gotten tons of support from family and friends.  I have even started dabbling in digital scrapbooking and have enjoyed experimenting with that.  I am inspired by creative people regardless of what they do. It's so exciting to see what goes on in the minds of others. I like hearts, flowers, polka dots and paisley, pictures, painting, decorating around the house, the colors pink, green, and blue and sometimes red, and cooking and baking for my family.

I am the mother to three boys (well I guess they're actually men now - yikes!) and I've been married to the greatest guy in the world (sorry girls) for 29 years - and  counting.  I have the most wonderful granddaughter that I spoil on a weekly basis and she's the sunshine in any day!  I'm trying to expose her drawing and she's pretty good at it for only being 4.  I have family close by and family far away and I adore them all!!

I've always had a passion for designing/creating things but in the past I haven't had much time, so due some unplanned time at home, I'm trying to figure out my new path. I have to say that the Zentangle world is awesome!  There is no competition about who is better or who has a better style.  There is constant support and encouragement, and you get it even from those who have done great things (and you might think are too busy to be bothered), are very approachable and generous with compliments and encouragement.  I'm so proud to be a part of something so great!  They are truly the nicest people on the internet!  So there's no telling what twists and turns (is that a pun?) this journey will take, but I"m going to have fun because life is too short not to!