Monday, January 31, 2011

I almost forgot!!

In my excitement of wanting to get the new pictures posted, I completely forgot to tell you what surprise Mr. Thisorthat had for me.  Since I have a birthday coming up (like tomorrow), he took me out for dinner (to Mimi's - one of my favs) and then we went to Harrahs to see 38 Special!!  If you don't know, they are a southern rock type of band.  I didn't know too many of their songs until I started paying attention and they have alot!!  Anyway it was a great time, just me and the Mr. so I wanted to let you know.  I hate being kept in suspense - don't you????

Finally got it together!

Well I have finally posted another tangle.  As you can probably tell I'm having a hard time deciding which way is up on most of my designs.  I guess maybe it doesn't matter, but because of that, I have taken a couple of different pictures so you can decide which direction you like better.  After much prodding from Mr. Thisorthat I even posted my Furry tile.  You will be able to tell that it doesn't appear to have much direction and basically looks like a jumbled mess, but maybe that's what my Furry was for the day.  We're expecting up to 12" of snow in the next couple of days so with any luck I'll be able to add some more pictures.  Thanks for taking the time to look and be safe where ever you are!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Whats up with today??

I don't want you to think that I've abandoned you so early in the game BUT Mr. Thisorthat told me he has a surprise for me tonight and I've been trying to get hints out of him all day.  No luck!!  I  made two new tiles today and they are both unworthy of showing you.  The first one I  called Furry and I guess it's no surprise that it looked ....well... like a jumbled mess!!!  The second one I started out liking then after some "adjustments" it didn't look so great.  I might get up enough nerve to post them someday down the road, but for now I'm trying to impress you with the good stuff.  Is it working???  I guess I'll have to keep working on it.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a new tile for you to look at.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Late night fun!

After an evening out with more caffeine than I usually have at night, I was wide awake when I was informed it was bedtime.  SO I got out my pen and paper  (along with all the other stuff that I think I have to drag around with me) and off to bed I went.  Mr. Thisorthat was snoring before long and I was busy thinking and drawing.  After an hour or so (or however long it took) I finished with my latest masterpiece and was ready to hit the sack!!  For some reason the later it got the more I felt like a little color was in order.  Hope you enjoy it!!  Enjoy your Saturday!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

They're finally uploaded!!!

Ok the pictures are uploaded and now the work continues.  Or maybe I should say the fun continues!!!  I hope you enjoy the pictures and if you have any questions just let me know.  I'm new at this blogging thing so it might take me a bit to figure everything out that I need to do in order to make things flow better.  Thanks for stopping by to look at my new page!!!  Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Today is the day!!

I spent yesterday taking pictures of ALL my tiles and today I'm going to post them.  Check back this afternoon and you'll get to see what I've been doing with my free time.  Well actually I've been making more free time so I could work on these.  I was introduced to Zentangles at Christmas and I love love them!!  They are a great escape from all the craziness spinning around in my head.  I hope you like them. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Here I am!!

OK, I've talked about this long enough so now I have started my blog.  We will have to see how this twists and turns as I work at figuring this format out while trying to update you with all that I'm working on.  I'm so excited - I hope you'll help me by sharing your ideas and giving me your feedback.  Here we go!!!!!!