Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yay its 2012!!!!

I always love starting off the new year.  Besides having to remember to change the year on my checks (which I will do wrong for the next three months), it always feels like the new year has something wonderful and exciting just waiting to show itself.  Of course it's never anything that I think it might be, but none the less that's what makes things interesting.  The other day in the mail I received the most fabulous surprise ever!  It was a book that just had pictures of Little Miss Thisorthat - from the cover to the last page.  We had her pictures done a couple of months ago and my very good friend had this treasure made for me.  I will hold it dear to my heart forever!!!  Those are the kinds of wonderful little surprises that you just can't plan for.  Who knows what will come next.  For now I'll tangle and stay devoted to what I love!  What kinds of things are you looking forward to in this new year????


  1. Well to tell you the truth, I'm hopeing to stay employed, and electing a new president, something more than a cardboard cutout.Praying the world dosn't come a end in Dec. and hopeing my wife gets a good paying job.I love more than she will ever know.

  2. I'm sure your wife already knows how much you love her and it's my guess she loves you just as much! I do think your wife should look until she finds a job that suits her creative soul and then you will both be happy. Good luck to you and your family in 2012 - it's going to be an awesome year!!