Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to you!!!!!  Today is the day that we are suppose to show our love to our friends and family.  It's always been a special day for me (and I got WAY to worked up) as I waited for Mr. Thisorthat to burst through the door with the big box of chocolates.  Sometimes he would bring them home after work and I would just light up.  Other times (after a couple of years of marriage), well, he didn't bring home anything.  Those were the times that, even though I was disappointed, I had to ask myself why I got so worked up over a box of candy (that I could buy myself anytime).  I KNEW Mr. Thisorthat loved me so what was the big deal?? (He says its the holiday invented by greeting card companies)  We have been through 30 Valentine's Days now and even though being thought of in a special or different way on February 14 is great, I know each and every day that I'm a lucky girl to have such a wonderful husband and I've been very blessed through the years.  I hope wherever you are in your relationships (with friends or family) that you know you are loved and you mean a lot to those around you.  Have a wonderful day today and even if the chocolate and flowers may not be in your future, there's more to the day than that - being with the people that you truly love!!  Happy Valentine's Day to all and you are loved everyday!!!

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