Friday, March 18, 2011

Easter Bonnet

This is so funny to me!  I did this tangle and then I colored it.  Like normal - you know any other tangle you would do.  Yeah really colored it!!  I uploaded it and for some reason the color faded so badly.  I used my watercolor pencils on it and then blended it.  I have no idea what happened or why the color got so light but regardless of the color (or lack of color) here it is.  I thought it looked like a bunny with a hat on, but Mr. Thisorthat thought it looked like hair being twisted and wrapping down around the back.  I guess even after you do your tangles and put part of yourself in each one, you can see something new and smile, giggle, or laugh out loud at the little things.  I hope today finds you laughing, smiling, AND giggling!!  Enjoy the day!

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