Monday, May 30, 2011

Where's the vacation?

I must need a vacation really bad!!!  It seems like everywhere I turn I'm seeing vacation themed things.  I see vacation wear when I get dressed (probably because I've worn them on a trip before), I hear airplanes and wish I was on one going to some wonderful place, and now that last couple of drawings I've made make me think of some sort of vacation destination.  I have vacation on the brain!  This one looks like a floating island with a huge palm tree in the middle.  There are obstacles standing in front (like always) hiding all of the exciting things going on there, but you can only imagine (the sound of live calypso music being played, feeling the cool crystal clear turquoise ocean as you relax and play in it, laying under an umbrella listening to the water rush back and forth on the shore, enjoying a fruity drink with, of course, an umbrella in it, and there's so much more).  See I told you I need a vacation!!  Since today is our Memorial Day Holiday, I hope you can not only remember the sacrifice our soldiers (past, present, and future) have and will make for us, but make today a little bit of a vacation in your world - wherever you are!  Be safe and enjoy!!

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