Sunday, June 12, 2011

Birthdays are fun!

Yesterday was Mr. Thisorthat's birthday!  The house was full of kids (our grown ones but they're still kids), girlfriends, wives, our princess granddaughter, and a surprise out of town guest - my brother-in-law who is also hubbys very best friend in the world (next to me of course).  We spent the day at home except for the occasional trip to the store.  He wanted to have carrot cake so I used my moms long time favorite recipe.  Half-way through the baking process I had to call my mom and ask her why the cake wasn't rising and felt like oatmeal - then it dawned on me I FORGOT TO ADD THE BAKING SODA - who woulda thought (I guess I  just gave up that I usually open a box and add eggs and oil)!!!  So off to the store to buy more ingredients!!!!  It must have turned ok because Little Miss Thisorthat kept sticking her fingers in the frosting saying she LOVED it, but she didn't like carrots and she didn't want any cake.  When her piece was cut she changed her mind.  Of course I think anything is great covered with cream cheese frosting!!!   How can you go wrong there???  We had a wonderful day it's looking like another busy day today.  Enjoy your day and do something that brings you tons of joy!!!

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