Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shading Rules???

Sometimes when I get done with a piece I'm so excited to get started on the shading!!  It's like putting the frosting on the cake!!  Some people shade as they go - which I do sometimes, and others wait until they finish.  I usually like to look at the entire piece when I finish and try to get the feel of it.  For me, it makes a difference on my shading.  Other times I like how a pattern turns out and I can't wait to shade it and see how it looks completed.  I can't believe even with all of the tangles I make, I still get excited about them.   In case you have forgotten, I love, love, LOVE Zentangles!!  I don't think there's a right or wrong way (after all it's still Zentangling) but to be honest I haven't seen alot of dark shading on a lot of tangle tiles.  Of course I have to admit that I'm not a CZT and I haven't had any formal training so I really don't know what they teach you about shading (if anything) during the class.  I would love to take the class but circumstances won't allow it right now.  Maybe sometime down the road.  Hope you do something that YOU totally love, love, LOVE today!!

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