Sunday, July 17, 2011

All negatives aren't bad

This is the negative of yesterdays' tangle.  I have been doing some playing in Photoshop to see what other affects I can get without making any changes to the tangle itself.  I was pleasantly surprised with these results because the original was done with color, and the colors changed, which I wasn't expecting.  The shading that was done with the graphite pencil actually added a glow to the negative.  More unexpected results.  I really like the black paper look but I've struggled with finding a white pen that I love working with.  This method could be a quicker solution, plus you have two pieces when you're done.  Well I guess you have two pieces of work either way.  You never know when you'll be surprised by something you think you know the ins and outs of.  Hoping for a great surprise in your world today!

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