Monday, July 4, 2011

Taking a Stand

When we were kids we always knew where the line between right and wrong was.  We knew how far we could push our parents (which wasn't very far) and we understood there would be consequences if we crossed over the clearly defined (and sometimes unspoken) boundaries.  But the older I've gotten and experienced things with my own kids, the lines seems to have blurred - not only for kids but for the parents who once knew where those lines were.  How did that change?  As I walk through stores I (far too often) see kids yelling (and even hitting) at their parents while they appear to stand there stunned but apparently familiar with this type of behavior.  There is bullying all over the news and stories of even parents being involved.  How can that be????  When I was growing up the parents acted like adults and were the authoritative roll model.  I would NEVER have found my mom arguing (online (which hadn't been invented yet) or in person) with anyone.  She had way to much dignity and knew what was right and what wasn't.  One of the things our country was founded on was freedom of speech, but on this fourth of July holiday, lets try to remember that if we want the quality of life we grew up with, where the lines between right and wrong are clearly defined, then we all need to step up to the plate and do our part - like OUR parents did.  Love your families and enjoy all that this Independence Day stands for!

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