Friday, September 30, 2011

Something borrowed - something new

They say that one mans trash is another mans treasure (and I'm so NOT saying this is trash by any means) but I think it holds true with a lot of things.  We get used to the same things we use regularly but when we see someone else using something that we used to use, they seem to appreciate it more than we did (because it stopped being special to us).  I think it's that way with tangle patterns too.  I use the same ones over and over but when I deliberately seek out new ones, I have a new love and inspiration for tangling.  That's not to say that I quit loving my "stand bys", but it's refreshing to see new patterns in the work of others.  Tangling (and other tanglers) is a constant inspiration to me and I love learning new patterns!  In whatever you do today, I hope you find new inspiration to give new meaning to what you already are doing.

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