Thursday, November 3, 2011


Oh my gosh where has this week gone????  Yesterday was the first snow of the year for us here in Omaha.  I would love to say I was housebound and got a ton accomplished - but not so much!!  Actually I did get a lot of computer work done which I really needed to do, so I lit a fire and parked myself with my computer and hot chocolate and stayed cozy all day.  Even though I'm home most days I rarely get the  chance to just sit and work on my computer.  It was a great day!!  Not to mention I was able to take and send some great pictures of it snowing that my far away family missed out on.  Of course they're still running around in shorts so they weren't too upset that they were "missing out".  But today we're back to lots of sunshine , blue sky, and temps in the 40's.  Snow is best when it comes and goes!  It's beautiful to watch fall but I don't think I'm quite ready for a long stretch of it covering everything yet.  I hope whatever your weather, that this is an awesome day for you!!

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