Saturday, January 29, 2011

Late night fun!

After an evening out with more caffeine than I usually have at night, I was wide awake when I was informed it was bedtime.  SO I got out my pen and paper  (along with all the other stuff that I think I have to drag around with me) and off to bed I went.  Mr. Thisorthat was snoring before long and I was busy thinking and drawing.  After an hour or so (or however long it took) I finished with my latest masterpiece and was ready to hit the sack!!  For some reason the later it got the more I felt like a little color was in order.  Hope you enjoy it!!  Enjoy your Saturday!!


  1. these are beautifull

  2. Thanks for starting the blog with the pictures of the art that you've been doing, they are beautifull. I really like the the one from today with the color in it.

  3. Thanks to my followers. Your encouragement inspires me!!