Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's a Spring like day!

Today is supposed to be the best weather day of the week.  Almost 70 degrees in FEBRUARY!!!!  The snow is almost gone (still ice on the ground because it's still freezing at night) but the sky's are blue, the sun is shining, and it's so great to open the windows and feel the outside air freshen up the stagnant air that's been cooped up all winter long.  Time to open things up and breathe again!!  I painted the trim part of the newly remodeled bathroom yesterday.  I was so excited to see the new color on the wall, but all I had time to do was the trim.  MAN there's a lot of trim in a bathroom!!!!  Hoping to work on it today but not sure since our little miss thisorthat is coming over.  She has a way of stealing the show.  Maybe a good day for the park!!!  I hope today you enjoy the sunshine, and take a step outside to take in a deep breath of fresh air and think of three things you're thankful for!  You are one of the things on MY list!

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