Friday, February 18, 2011

Little things can last a lifetime!

If you have never  gone to Jessica's blog ( then you are missing out on so much!!  Yesterday she posted a recipe for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins.  Mr. Thisorthat doesn't care for muffins so I wasn't too sure about trying them.  Since Little Miss Thisorthat was here I thought it would give us something fun to do.  We made them up and sure enough they were fabulous!!!  You'll have to check the recipe out.  They were simple and tasted almost like cookies.  Even Mr. Thisorthat was surprised.  After they cooled off a bit Little Miss Thisorthat tried one she said, "Grandma these muffins are magic!!!"  Of course I had to ask why and she said, "because the chocolate chips turned into chocolate"!  Don't you just love the way children look at life????  Anyway if you get the chance to check out Jessica's blog I think you'll really enjoy it.  It's the only  cooking blog I follow and she's great!!

Now for today's tangle.  Since our Little Miss Thisorthat was here we decided to make animals.  I will totally admit that I do not draw (as you can see)!!  But when things are about simplicity for the sake of a child, you do what you can.  Besides no matter what I do she thinks I'm wonderful, which isn't that we all strive for???  I know that my grandma made me feel like I was her favorite grandchild and I know all six of us felt the same way.  She was a wonderful, wise, soft spoken, lady and I miss her so much.  Yesterday afternoon (before the muffins) Little Miss Thisorthat and I got out MY grandma's old jewelry (and some from my mom that she wore when I was a teenager and younger) and we got her all dolled up.  She had a wonderful time (we have pictures to prove it) but I had to make her take it off at bedtime, even though the two necklaces, the earrings, and the bracelet (which was a necklace we wrapped around her wrist a couple of times) looked fabulous with the unicorn jammies she had on.  This morning she was ready to show off pictures of herself with her new jewels.  Children are the greatest treasures we have and so often when we're in the middle of raising them, we forget.  It's not until after their grown and we reflect back that we see the wonderful treasures our children have been and the joy they have brought to our lives.   If you haven't, be sure you talk to your kids today and tell them that you love them.  Have a wonderful Friday.

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