Sunday, February 27, 2011

 For some reasons on Sunday's I have the hardest time getting to my blog.  It's not that I'm doing anything in particular, but it just slips my mind.  Probably a different routine but still I should have done it HOURS ago!!  I'm trying to do more simple tangles these days and this one, even though Mr. Thisorthat thinks it needs more tangles all over, I'm going to call this one done as it is.  I even half way agree with him, but I'm trying to get away from feeling like I need to fill the entire page up and losing the central idea.  Even before Laura's challenge from this week I felt the need to simplify some of my drawings.  I hope this has been a great weekend for you (for those that had these two days off as their weekend) and I'll do better tomorrow about getting my new tangle on early. 

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