Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where does the time go???

I sat down this morning, about 9:00, and picked up my computer (instead of my drawing pad and pen) and thought I would get my blog done first thing this morning.  WELL, it's after 2:00 and I'm just now getting around tot it.  It seems like once I get working on my computer the clock speeds up and I get lost in the time warp!!  I asked the question on my FB the other day, why is it that time flys by when you're doing something you want and then drag when you're not.  The answer I got was, when you're doing something you want then time doesn't matter.  I guess that's really true.  Unfortunately there are things that eventually have to matter, like laundry, cleaning, cooking, you know stuff like that.  So today Mr. Thisorthat made a fabulous breakfast and is working on some remodeling stuff around the house, SO I guess that means that its time for things to start mattering to me too.  Enjoy the drawing and see you tomorrow!!

Ok side note:  It took me 40 minutes to upload this picture because it kept turning it!!  Geez!!!!

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