Friday, March 25, 2011

Holding On

With the look of the "netting" being held down, I thought of how many times throughout the day we have to hold on or hold down things in our lives.  Sometimes it's things other people say to us or the way they treat us.  Other times it's the results of decisions we've made and have to work through them.  Then there are the things that just "happen" and have to be addressed.  For me this week, its being sick.  It started while on vacation, the day of a surprise party, missed seeing family I hadn't seen in years, rode cross country (well half way) mostly in silence snuggled under a blanket, missed seeing Little Miss Thisorthat for the second week in row, and haven't done much of anything but drink and sleep all week.  After a blanket of 4" of new snow I think we have something new to hold on and get through.  Enjoy your weekend!

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