Saturday, March 26, 2011

Twirly whirly guy

When I got this tangle finished, it looked to me like there was a guy standing in the middle of it just waiting for his big ears to start spinning and for him to take off.  I'm not sure where he was going, but he was definitely going somewhere.  Maybe just high enough to see what was going on around him.  I would love to know what he saw!  I'm thinking that it was maybe rolling hills of different tangle patterns.  The ones that he liked he hovered over them for awhile before moving on to the next ones.  I know, you're thinking I've really lost my mind now or maybe the fever has returned and I'm just delirious.  Well its neither!  I'm sure there are some that would disagree with that (the lost my mind part) but they'll have to write their own story and since this one is mine, I'm just going to say it sparked almost a cartoon adventure in my head. 

Hope this Saturday finds you doing something you love doing!!

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