Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Challenge 19 - Morris

I ran into a little delema this week - I RAN OUT OF JOURNAL PAPER!!!  I know you're asking yourself how could THAT have happened??  I don't know!!  I had a stack of journals but they ended up being all completed ones.  I guess I thought they were the empty ones, but when I went to look for a new one - nope!!!!  Aparently I'm keeping Strathmore in business (along with the rest of you tanglers).  I was so glad to see Lauras' Challenge this week had a dark background since all I had to get started on was black paper.  Whew did I luck out!!!    After my trip to Blick (and thank goodness for sales) I am back in business!!!  Who would have ever thought having pens and papers would become so vital to everyday life??!!  What a great (tangling) day this will be!!!

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