Saturday, April 23, 2011

Within the lines

Staying in the lines is hard sometimes!!  Saying that, I suppose it depends on what the lines are.  In some cases the lines are drawings we make (and those lines are REALLY hard to stay in sometimes - he he!) and other times the lines are surrounding our everyday life.  We have to decide what we will accept and what we refuse to except, and of course everything in between.  But life happens and the lines change which makes for more confusion!  I think that's what "thinking outside the box" is all about.  Moving your lines.  We move our lines all the time even though we don't realize it.  Mr. Thisorthat tells me all the time that he hasn't changed, but I can tell you after 30 years together HE HAS!!!!  Think about what you would have accepted when you were first married or when you first had kids, and then what you accept now.  Way different huh???  The important thing isn't that the lines stay the same or move, the important thing is that you're happy with where the lines are.  Today look at where YOUR lines are and smile.  I hope they are where you want them to be.  If not, take control and move them so you can be happy!!!!  After all life it too short to be unhappy!

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