Friday, April 22, 2011

The same can be different

When there is a string on a paper, it's a total blank slate just crying out for direction.  It gives you a chance to start a whole new idea and plan for a fabulous treasure hiding inside (or just wait for it to appear which happens more often in my pieces).  I was pleasantly surprised because I initially thought that tangling was tangling. I quickly learned that everyone has their own style and when I'm looking at the fabulous work I'm seeing, and I'm getting pretty good at recognizing each artist by their different styles (which is always fun).  I was concerned about that when I first started because I wasn't sure what my style was.  Well to be honest, I'm still not entirely sure how you would describe my style of tangling.   But after looking at my past work, there are some patterns that have developed (no pun intended).  I see that I like flowers, ribbons (honestly who doesn't just adore looking at flowers and ribbons???), and I lean toward rounded edges more than sharp angles in my strings but in my patterns I tend to use more angled and straight lines (as apposed to circular shapes).  I have come to realize (and am finally more comfortable with this) but there is no right way or even a better way to do any tangling (or any kind of art form) except to do what comes natural to you and by that I mean be true to yourself.  There are so many different options as far as style but experimenting and landing on something that is yours is the best.  Don't get me wrong, the journey is fun (and challenging at times) but finding what you like and don't like is the inspiration that keeps you going.  Are you finding yourself through your art - whatever kind it is???  I truly want that for you!!  Whatever your style is, be true to it, have fun, and don't forget to share it.  To all of my fellow tangler and artists pals, I thank you for sharing your work and encouraging my own.  Happy Friday to all who are reading my little blog!!  :)

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  1. Dropped by to thank you for your thank you on my tanglepatterns comment. Stayed to read this post... and I want to thank you for the words therein! "Living wild, living true" was my motto (self adopted) for this year. It's wonderful to hear my thought reaffirmed so beautifully! So thank you. xoxo It is fun to recognise different tanglers by style, too. I think I'd recognise a 'Shelly Beauch' from a thousand paces. And a 'Molossus' too, for that matter! Perhaps we should ask each other what our styles look like from the outside looking in. That'd be fun!! Hugs and thanks so much!