Thursday, May 26, 2011

Antivirus Day

The last two days have been "antivirus day" for me.  As I told you before I am NOT a computer person but one of our laptops had an expired antivirus- simple fix right???  Not so much!!!!  We had changed to a different antivirus company (BIG mistake) and somehow it corrupted a file (a Microsoft file no less - and they are HARD to get ahold of) so we went back to the old company.  They were totally awesome and (lucky for me and not so lucky for them) when I bought the new program I also purchased the 24/7 support.  YAY - first time THAT'S paid off!!!  After spending six hours trying to fix it myself, I broke down and called them, then they spent three hours on the phone with me (thank goodness for speaker phones) and still couldn't get it right.  I had to call again yesterday morning and spent another almost three hours with them only to find out I had to contact Microsoft (to fix the corrupt file) and then call them back - whew!!!  It took the rest of the day yesterday (and I still never got ahold of them) so I'm getting ready to start on it again, but even though I'm still in the process, I'm getting some tangling done while I'm waiting.  WOO HOO!!  So be prepared and ALWAYS have your pen and paper handy!

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