Friday, May 27, 2011

New Things

This tangle has two new patterns in it.  The first is Spam (by Sandra Strait - Molossus who says Life Imitates Doodles) which is at the top and Chain Reaction (by LeeAnn - LeeAnn's Zentangleing Fun) and that's at the bottom.  This is another piece that I worked on during the MANY hours of computer clean up that is still ongoing.  It's fun to try new things and I'm not one that likes to practice much (too impatient) so when I try a new pattern it's usually the first time I've done it.  Sometimes I like the way they turn out and other times - well, they need more work.  With this being the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend I hope you get to try some new things out for your holiday weekend.  Just wing it like I do with my new patterns and you'll have a wonderful time - whether they turn out just like you want or maybe you should have planned a little more!  Either way enjoy and be safe!!

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