Sunday, May 15, 2011

Craft Project?

When we had our family room cabinets made, Mr. Thisorthat planned to have black mesh inset into the cabinet doors so that his elaborate stereo system (that's inside them) could breath.  He ended up putting some different fabric on there and was somewhat pleased, until Little Miss Thisorthat wanted to play in front of them and kept pushing the fabric through the door.  Not good!  Then for awhile we lived with nothing in the inset (not good from my standpoint).  I was about to have one of my tangles printed for a wedding gift and Mr. Thisorthat thought it would be really cool if we enlarged parts of it and had that put into the cabinet doors.  Can you say "blown away"????  I show him all the pieces that I do and he always says nice things, but to have one of them in the room where we spend the most time (you know where the tv is) stareing at us all the time, I wasn't too sure.  Oh yeah and it's BIG!  When the pictures arrived I have to tell you he got right on the project and glued them to some really thick poster board, cut them, and put them in the doors.  When he got them hung I think we were both blown away.  It's pretty cool and all because Mr. Thisorthat wanted to do a craft project - he he!  Good job honey!!

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