Thursday, May 12, 2011

A rose is a rose

A while back I bought some Pitt markers and rushed home to try them.  Boy was I shocked!  The color was so bright (after everything being black and white tones) and not transparent at all (which you all know how scared of color I can be) so I promply put them away. I was straightening up and organizing my art supplies when I ran across them again and decided to give them another try.  I had some input from my flickr friends about how to use different types of pencils along with the markers (to soften the bright color down a little) and this is the results.  I wish I had put the white pencil down first so I wouldn't have had to drag out my not so reliable gel pen, but this like everything was a lesson and next time I'll know better.  I'm happy enough with the results to give the markers a try on another piece. I do have to say the markers were very easy to use and having the brush tip they allowed me to do very fine work as well as getting some bolder color with thicker lines.  I don't have alot of different colors (eight I think) but it should be enough to practice with.  If you have any thoughts that might help me, feel free to share them.  I love hearing what little secrets you've come up with!  Well, whatever you're doing today, throw yourself into it and you never know what the result will be.  Enjoy the day!

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