Friday, May 13, 2011

Layers Squared

First let me start off by saying that Blogger wasn't working this morning and so i couldn't put my blog up until now.  Also, for some unknown wierd internet reason, it deleted yesterdays post so I reposted it for you. 

I started this piece out by just putting one square down, and then another and another, then before I knew it the entire piece turned into squares upon squares.  With each square I made I thought what else am I going to do on this piece?  Aparently I was on a roll and it actually created itself.  Sometimes I think that's what Zentangles is really all about.  I'm a planner and I get frustrated when I come to a stopping point on my tangles.  It's nice when they have a mind of their own and I'm just the tool!!  I guess that's ok too but once again I'm reminded that things never finish up like they start out.  You know what they say, :....."even the best layed plans of mice & men, often go astray".  I guess that sort of fits.  Enjoy your Friday!

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