Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Challenge 34 - Opposites Attract

Yay for this weeks' Challenge!!!  I never thought about opposites attracting in tangles.  I don't know why because it makes perfect sense.  The thing that I found most challenging was remembering to put straight lines inside the curved string.  I guess I've never paid that much attention (to the shape of the patterns I choose) but I was glad to have the time to sit down and do the challenge piece.  Sometimes it seems like the challenge takes me all week to get to it, but it's nice to have it under my belt this week.  Hope you are enjoying your week!


  1. Again beauty is found in your ability to create wonderful words with your art. You never cease to amaze.

  2. Love the airy feel to this! A beautiful piece!

  3. Very lovely and graceful. I like how you made the flowers out of straight lines.