Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Color again!

When I finished this tangle some of the patterns seemed to run together, like you couldn't see where one ended or even what the pattern was.  That's why I decided to color it and give it some definition.  At first I wasn't too sure it was working then I finished it and stepped back - I was pleased.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the color (like we all do) and other times it's soothing to me.  This was the soothing piece.

On another note I want to say something about our own art. We all tend to be critical of the things we produce but at the same time enjoy the process.  I think that just like in life, its the process that makes it all worth while.  The finished project in the end is going to be a reflection of that.  Therefore, don't be so hard on your art.  It's part of you and it's fabulous!!!  Keep sharing what you love!!!

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