Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Change is constant!

There are so many changes going on around me right now!!  Some I like and some I'm not happy with at all!!!!  Since fall is my favorite season, I'm totally enjoying the leaves falling from the trees and blowing around on the back deck.  I love the coolness of the mornings and being able to have the windows open to feel some of the gentle breezes and listen to the crows cawing.  It all makes me want to bake and get settled in for the upcoming winter (which NONE of us are ready for yet).  The sale of the house is dragging on which has brought about other changes (that I don't like), but since there is a time for everything, I'm trying to enjoy what's in front of me right now.  Step outside and take in a deep breath and be thankful for all that you have going on!

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