Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hearts, Ribbons, and Flowers

How can you go wrong with hearts, ribbons, and flowers?  Those are some of my most favorite things.  Of course if you visit my blog very often you probably have figured it out already.  I love finding new ways to do the ribbons without always putting a pattern on them.  The flowers will probably end up in color (then I'll post it again for you) but there's something about the black and white (or gray scale) look that really appeals to me.  It looks....natural????  Well as natural as you can get when you're just using a pen and pencil.  I think the greatest (or one of the greatest anyway) about Zentangles is that each tangle is your own.  It reflects what you're feeling, where you are in your head, and what comes out on the paper is all yours.  Even if you're using a pattern from someone else, no one else is combining the same patterns in the same way.  It's your own masterpiece.  Take ownership of your work and be proud of it, it's all you and it's fabulous!!!


  1. I love this one and can't wait to see it in color! I am sorry I have not been on to comment, but rest assured, I am reading every single post! They are great...and so are you!

  2. Thanks! It means alot knowing that they're being read, even if you don't have time to comment. BUT the comments really mean ALOT!!!!!