Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today's my birthday!!!!

I decided this year to make cupcakes for myself and at the last minute (like this morning) I thought I should have a cake.  SO I got my pen out and drew one!  It's much less fattening and I think I probably enjoyed it more.  Now I have to go put the filling in my cupcakes then frost them.  I even bought purple and blue food dye so they would look "special".  We'll see how that works out!!  Anyway my goal for the days is to finish the cupcakes, turn on Eat Pray Love and tangle while it's snowing outside.  I know I'll have more to post before this day is over.  Happy February 1st!!!!


  1. Happy birthday, I Love you and i'm so proud of you and impressed with your web site.

  2. Hey there, This is really something.. Who knew. Do you remeber when you were in grammer school and we would make the swirly patterns then color them in with diffrent colors? Well this is definitely the advanced version for sure. You have some fabulous designs and talent.
    And Happy Birthday to You.

    Carol Chap

  3. Thanks honey - you come up with some great ideas yourself. Thanks for the encouragement and the help!! Hugs!!