Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This tangle is funny to me because originally I thought I would have it sitting upright (rotate it counter clockwise once) and it looked almost like a picture frame to me.  Then I started turning it and Mr. Thisorthat said it looks just like a guy running!  I had never thought of that when I was drawing, but sure enough there he was.  So I had to give him some shoes and the entire tangle took on a different look and feel.  But on a different note, I am finding for those around me there are two types of audiences.  Those that say, "Oh that's just doodling and I do that" which we know is NOT the case (and I'm glad those are few and far between), but then there are others that are kind and encouraging and really take the time to look at each tangle and each pattern and really get it.  I'm am thankful for the second group of people!  I have found them in places I never thought I would.  Of course there's the fam that gushes about everything and usually has something funny to say, but I have found there is a whole group of people who appreciate the work and the results and are so gracious with their comments and words of encouragement.  That has been the best part of my Zentangle journey so far.  So for all of you (in the second group) thank you for your words make my day!!

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