Saturday, April 30, 2011

Front or back

Mr. Thisorthat and I had a great debate about whether the blocks should be under the canopy or in front of it.  Obviously I won (he! he!) but I have to say it's helpful to get someone elses perspective on things (sometimes) because I think like an artist (or maybe I should say creatively) and he thinks very rationally and with a plan.  I know we may seem like an odd pair but it's worked for 29 years so we'll keep at it.  Then of course there's the whole color or don't color thing but we won't go there today.  It has made me see that everyone does not look at the same thing the same way.  Everyone has their own interpretation of what they're looking at - which kind of surprises me since we're all looking at the same thing (theoretically)!  I've never been a "lets go to the gallery opening" kind of person, but now I understand (from what I've seen on TV :) - like that's real) why people stand and stare at art.  I'm starting to realize that everyone really does see something different which is very cool!!  I hope you like what you see in your world today!

1 comment:

  1. I feel like this one has some cool underwater thing going on. I am much more like Mr. Thisorthat, but also have some of your creativity dabbled in. Can you be creatively logical? Keep sharing the beautiful work you are doing!!!