Friday, April 29, 2011

Soft and fluffy

Soft and fluffy is one of my favorite things!  It comes in all sorts of things, but  I especially like piling layers of blankets on top of me in the winter (or even Spring when its like this year) and getting all warm and cozy underneath them.  I used to have a huge down comforter when Little Miss Thisorthat was just starting to walk and when she was on the bed she would take a step and fall into a mass of puffiness because it was so fluffy she could hardly stand up.  Then of course we would laugh and she would try it again!  Good times!  There are so many memories I have of quilts that I've made and snuggled under, afghans that were made and given to us that we've used for years and years, and even big downy throws given by dear friends - but the one thing that never changes is the comfort that I always get from them.  It's almost like some sort of medicine for your soul because no matter what kind of a day you've had, mood you're in or where you are, there's just nothing like a good cozy snuggle under your favorite blankey.  You can almost feel the hug coming from inside the blanket and wrapping itself around you.  Some things you just can't beat!  I hope you have something wonderfully soft and fluffy in your world that makes you smile and I hope it's something you have great memories tied to because we all need a special cozy hug from time to time. 

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