Saturday, April 16, 2011

Growing and changing

You would think that Zentangles was something that I found yesterday the way I tend to go on and on about them.  I am not a CZT but trust me when I said that I love, love LOVE them, I wasn't kidding.  I'm finding that the more I pay attention to Zentangles (the patterns, the options, the color, the shading), experience the pieces of art that others' produce, and experiment with different techniques, I find that the end result of my pieces is constantly changing and I love doing them more and more everyday. Now I have been accused of being a little over the top (or obsessive) about this, but since I'm enjoying it then I keep plugging along.  I do have to say that if it wasn't for the encouragement of my Flickr and Blog friends that I could have easily put this away months ago. Of course Mr. Thisorthat and my family have been a huge support too.  I feel like I'm doing something I was always meant to do and exploring all that is involved with tangling is not only the challenge but the reward.  My wish for you on this Saturday is that whatever it is you're doing, thoroughly enjoy it!!


  1. Zentangle gives us a place to rest our soul, enjoy creativity and pass no judgement - welcome! *G*

  2. I understand all of the feelings you just described. I love studying what others have done and trying to learn some new techniques from them, too. Definitely agree with the 'it's not only the challenge but the reward' comment :D