Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sometimes when I make a string it turns into something really odd!  My tangle starts out with a string that I get all excited about, thinking of what will go into it, and then before I know it I'm stuck!  Thats when I have to pull out my old journals to look at patterns (because you don't want the same ones on EVERYTHING) and then onto my computer to look at what other patterns are floating around in internet land.  Its times like this when I get my tangle finished that I look at it and sadly nothing jumps out at me.  I enjoy the process (which I think is what it's REALLY about anyway) but it doesn't really look like anything in particular.  You know, it doesn't have that wow factor that I was so excited about when I put down the string.  Maybe its the mood I'm in or what's going on around me, but I'm thinking I should just put my pen down when I'm feeling that way.  So today I have to apologize for a just ok picture for you to look at.  I've already finished a couple more and will have them for you tomorrow.  For today, I hope this is the day that is a WOW day for you!

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