Thursday, May 19, 2011

Feeling Empty

Wow today's blog is hard to write.  I know I told you some old friends lost their youngest daughter in a car accident - yesterday was the funeral.  Two of my sons went to the funeral (it was a 9 hour road trip each way) and they were on their way home when I was working on this tangle.  After talking to them on the phone a couple of times (because I'm a mom and freak out when my kids travel even though they are all adults) I was really glad they made the trip (and so were they).  Our old friends were very happy to see them again and the boys were invited to the church to spend time with the family and catch up.  They said it was the best funeral they had ever been too (not that they have been to many) but it was a happy event with balloons and clapping - a real celebration of this young girls life.  She was a straight A student, was taking college classes (as a Jr.) in hopes to someday become a doctor, was liked by everyone who met her, had the most beautiful smile, loved to play basketball,  and was very active in FCA and in their church. Her parents are comforted by knowing they will see her again - how awesome is that??  I'm sure it doesn't take away from the emptiness they're feeling, but it's great to know God is comforting them and helping them through this horrific time. Sometimes what we think are accidents are really Gods' plans in acction and we need to recognize that - no matter how hard it is. 

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