Saturday, May 7, 2011

What's inside?

I did this tangle a while back and those of you who look at my Flickr photostream will recognize it I'm sure.  It was even featured on Explore (which is part of Flickr that randomly selects pieces and displays them) before I ever knew what Explore was!  I was totally thrilled when my Flickr friends started congratulating me for having this piece selected on Explore (especially when I had no idea what they were talking about at first).  I have to admit that it made me a little silly inside and proud that something I've drawn was selected.  It was a feel good moment for sure!!  Since then I've had two others chosen so there's been three all together.  It still makes me feel good and as always the Flickr comments are so encouraging!!  With all the layers on this piece it left me with a question of what's really on the inside of the big circle?  Of course everyone has their own imagination so the possibilities are endless.  Maybe we're all a little like that too.  Pulling back the layers and finding the surprise on the inside of ourselves - the person that we really are meant to be.  Sometimes it's still a surprise even when we get to that layer but nevertheless, it's us - we all have that part.  Some people have already experienced various struggles and overwhelming good times pealing their layers back, while there are others who are still on that road longing to get to the end and even wondering if they will ever get there.  No matter where you are with your journey, there is a beautifully talented and awesome person beneath all the layers!  I just know it!!

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