Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Work - work - work!

This is my new favorite tool belt!  If I had a job that needed one - this would be perfect!  I have had lots of jobs in my life but never one that required I wear a tool belt.  Of course thinking back. I probably could have used one when I was raising my kids!  Now why didn't I think of that back then???  I could have strapped my tool belt on (over my robe because no one with kids gets dressed at a decent hour) and filled it the Kleenex, band aids, wipes, scissors, sponges, tweezers, 409, Windex for sure, safety pins, needle and thread, maybe a rag and a dust pan too, but don't forget the snack pouch!!  Fruit snacks, cookies, marshmallows, Cheerios, crackers, juice, all sorts of things that kids like to "drop" on the floor.  Now that I think about it, what a fabulous idea that is!!!  I should market something like this!!!  Even now I think I could use one!  You know for pens, erasers, pencils, Kleenex, wipes, and the occasional snacks.  Funny how the two aren't that different!!  If you run across an cute little tool belt that would work, just let me know.  I could start a trend!  Enjoy your day and get lots done!

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