Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Initials

Since we're talking about strings this week (with another string Challenge) it's amazing how important strings can be.  It's the first step to starting a new tangle, but I have to admit that sometimes (being the stubborn rebel I can be sometimes) I don't start with a string, but I start drawing a pattern and then add to it as I go.  But when I can't decide what pattern to start with, the string becomes even more important.  I guess I'm lucky I have a last name that I can pretty up and get inspiration from.  So today I've picked Mr. Thisorthat initials to add my fancy touch to.   I think when it was finished he was pleased with it, but thought it looked some of those wild and crazy hats we all saw from the royal wedding.  Maybe if I add color to it that would change.  Hmmmmm?   Make today a day of unexpected surprises! 

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