Saturday, July 30, 2011

You just never know

I got a new cell phone a couple a weeks ago and it has apps and does TONS more than my other phone.  It was a hard change for me because I LOVED my other phone, but it was time.  So the new phone has a game on it (which drains your battery down super fast) but I don't play very often.  Last night I was looking at the screen behind the game and there was this awesome page of paisleys that I couldn't stop looking at.  Partially because it was purple too!  So I played the game down to where most of the background was showing and tried to examine it closely.  This is my rendition of it, but I add-libbed most of it.  Winging things is my favorite way of doing anything!  So I guess the lesson is you just never know when you'll run across something you can get inspiration from. 

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