Friday, December 23, 2011

Something different

I found some blank blue note cards the other day and since I had just bought a new white gel pen, I wanted to play a little and see if the two worked together.  I'm happy to report I was pretty happy with the results.  I wish the gel pen had a finer tip so the patterns wouldn't seem so big (it's only a 4X6 card) but for a first time try I was not discouraged.  I know when you scan or photo anything dark the color doesn't stay with it, but I do wish you could see the dark blue - it's really pretty.  I thought I would add some embellishments but decided to do it after I posted this since they won't show up anyway.  Sometimes the glitter pens show up a little, but nothing like seeing it in person.

I'm sure you're super busy trying to tie things up for Christmas, or packing to get to that special place, so whatever you do or wherever you go, be safe, have a fabulous time, and be mindful of the birth of Christ.  Without Him we are truly lost in this world.  Merry Christmas my friends!!

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