Friday, December 9, 2011

A String and then some

I started this with the string down the middle and it was too plain for my taste that day.  So I started adding more and more until I felt happy with it.  For some the string is the beginning and ending of their tangle, but for me it's more of a starting place.  I rarely draw a string and only tangle in the string.  More often than not, I draw a string and then add more in sections as I go along, which is what I've done with this one.  Maybe it's because I'm stubborn and don't like to follow the rules, or maybe it's because it doesn't look or feel right so I have to add more to it.  Whatever the case (I tend to think it's the first one) I'm generally pleased with the outcome and that's what art is all about - whatEVER  your medium is. 

And for all of you who know we've been trying to sell our house - IT SOLD!!!!!!  After five months and two different Realtors (it was with the second Realtor only two weeks) we can finally start planning and moving forward with whatever the next chapter holds for us.  Happy Friday my friends!!!

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