Saturday, March 5, 2011

Under the sea

When I finished this it reminded me of a star fish living under the sea.  Maybe it's the "bubbles" or the shape of the star fish but I like this because it's not too complicated and for me it lived up to the true ZT way - relaxing and breathing and enjoying the process (as well as the outcome in this case).  We could all take a lesson from that on a daily basis and not just when we're sitting down with pen and paper.  It's like when your kids are little and you have very long days that you think will never end and then before you know it their grown with babies of their own and you ask yourself where did the time go???  I don't feel any different, except maybe a little more wiser (and patient) but regardless its gone and sometimes I think I missed out.  Then I look at my boys and see the kind of men they are and I'm so proud.  I wish I could forewarn them about the passage of time but I think my grandma tried to tell me and I was too caught up in parenting that I think I forgot to listen to her.  Oh how I miss her!!!  Whatever your plans are for this day, I hope you can appreciate where you are in your life right now and see how you've grown to get there.  Life really is a journey for all of us.