Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have been trying to perfect my shading and I like how this piece turned out.  There is also a new pattern I tried from Sandra that I'm not sure I got exactly right.  Sometimes my eyes see something different from my hand.  Or maybe the electron thingys that go from my eyes to my hand are just tired.  Even I get surprised when I see how things turn out sometimes.  I have tangles that I haven't shaded yet, but I almost feel like the shading finishes the piece.  It gives it the depth that you don't see without the shading - like it's calling out to be finished.  I got some new oil pastels so I've been playing around with those.  I really love how some people color theirs' and how great they look but I won't post anything until I perfect it a little more.  I'm such a perfectionist!!  That's such a silly thing to say when you're doing tangles because there is no structure to it so how can anyone be a perfectionist when doing them????  I guess sometimes I forget about the Zen part!!  He!He!!   Have a fabulous day and draw something that makes you smile!! 


  1. Try to relax and have a little fun - now breathe.... don't be so hard on yourself. Half the fun is posting something you've made just to see what people write back - often they are a LOT kinder to us than we are to ourself! Just enjoy the creation and post without judgement; remember - "anything is possible, one stroke at a time"!

  2. Thanks for the kind words - you're always so sweet to comment!! Also thank you for reading my blog - it really does mean alot! I'm still working at releasing the death grip from my pen but I am having a good time. This has been some much needed and fabulous therapy me!!