Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The final NASA space mission is underway and being a child from the 60's (yes there I go again dating myself) the space program has been around.  I remember watching the Apollo missions when they first started, I remember the Challenger explosion in 1986 (I recorded it on the VCR and later (a total accident) taped another show over it - which Mr. Thisorthat likes to remind me of when they show it on tv) and now this last trip - how awesome!!  What a ride NASA has shared with us!!  When we think of all the ways that society has changed over our lifetime, how far our space program has come and all of the progress that has been made - well its simply amazing to me - and I'm not a si-fi person at all!  But in this case you do have to give credit where it's due.   I hope today you have an amazing adventure of your own!

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