Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Challenge 30 - String V - Initialize Block

I know right???  Two days in a row with two different challenge pieces for the same challenge!  Who would have thought??  I guess that proves it's easier to tangle my own initials than it is to come up with something else.  At least that's what I'm telling myself.  Ok, after making that statement which sounded pretty good (in my head) until I re-read it - I'll retract it a little.  I had to work on the block letters a lot longer than I did the cursive one.  If I would have had a stencil or even tried using double pencils it might have gone much faster, but instead (because I use don't use a pencil for my strings but probably should) I attempted them a couple of times before I was happy with them.  The perfectionist in me never fails to show it's ugly head.  Sometimes the challenge isn't completing the project,  but the steps you have to take to get you there.  Take the time to enjoy whatever it is you're doing today - it will make you feel like you've accomplished more.

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