Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grandma's little helper

Yesterday Little Miss Thisorthat spent the day with me and part of the day we drew.  Each time I would draw something she would say, "grandma let me see".  Then she would either pick the next pattern or say something like you should put a flower here or what can we do next.  I was intrigued by her in active roll in my drawing.  It was a memorable time and one I will forever cherish!  When it was all said and done she was looking for the butterfly she thought should be there, but it never made it to the page.  Instead she drew a butterfly on her paper and was very proud of it.  After having 3 wonderful sons, it's the most awesome thing having a little girl around that interacts so differently than my boys did and I thoroughly love having her around.  Whether it's a well planned event or looking out the window watching the squirrels run along the fence line, please, please, PLEASE make the time to enjoy those you love!

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