Sunday, November 6, 2011


Some of the patterns I used here looked very regal to me.  Well one sort of has that court jester look to it, but that's kind of regal - right???  When I'm finally able to sit down and draw a little, I've been trying to incorporate some newer patterns.  Sometimes I finish a piece and it looks like something that was thrown together and then I'm not happy with it.  I mean, what's the point in taking the time to work on something if you're not going to be happy with the results.  I know some times it's a learning process but that's ok.  We all experiment.  The problem I have is when you're just throwing work out to get it done - like a competition or something.  For me art is something personal and you have to feel it for it to be completed and to be satisfied within.  Maybe that's why companies find good art (that someone has poured themselves into) and attempt to mass produce it.  It works on some level, but then again it doesn't.  I've been starting to think about Christmas (I know it's kinda late huh?) and the state of our country, so for me, I'm going to try and either make or buy hand made items this year to support our local artist and give money back to the place we call home.

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